Hello! Today I am telling you about my favorite amigurumi food book! Crochet Cafe! 

About the patterns in this book

The patterns in this book are beginner friendly and very easy to follow, all you need to know are the basic stitches. If you don’t know a stitch or abbreviation they are all in the front of the book. 

This book covers everything from breakfast to dessert with all you need to make a feast of adorable food.

More about the author

Crochet Cafe is Lauren Espy’s second book published in 2020. Lauren is a self-taught crocheter, and she has been making her own patterns for years. You can learn more about Lauren and find more patterns on her blog A Menagerie of Stitches.

P.S. I love her chubby bunnies pattern series! Check it out here. 

Why I love this book

I love this book because the patterns are so easy to follow, they are so cute, and they look realistic. 

What I have made from this book

I would love to make everything from this book, but here’s what I have started with. I chose not to include the smiley faces since the saftey eyes are not suitable for small children.

The avocado and avocado toast

A latte/tea cup

The spaghetti and meatballs

An ice cream cone

And a popsicle

All are equally adorable!

How this book will help you

As a beginner, this book will give you the perfect taste of the world of amigurumi. As I said above, the patterns are very beginner friendly using simple stitches.

As an advanced crocheter this book will help you in understanding the components of a pattern to help on your journey of making your own.

I highly recommend this book, it is my favorite amigurumi book that I have and I think you will enjoy it too!

Here is a link to this book on amazon.

Happy crocheting!