These books are good for children.

My favorite character is Little Bear. Because he’s basically the main character because he’s always lost or his trousers are.

They are funny. 

Old Bear makes a picture with everyone’s pictures. Little Bear went out to sea in his bucket. Rabbit left Little Bear behind in the trap door in the ceiling when they were on the airplane.

I also like Splash because she’s a good person. She’s really cute. She helps Little Bear. She gets things that were lost in the sea and takes them back.

I also like the Jolly Tall story in this book.

I liked it when in the box Jolly Tall said “I don’t think I can fit out.”

Bramwell Brown was nice to think of rescuing Old Bear.

Big pictures. Bright colors. 

I like Ruff because he’s cute. He’s funny and bouncy.

Duck is “qu-anky”. But they like him anyway because he’s their friend. He catches little bear by the trousers when he was knocked over by Ruff.

Rabbit is brave and crawls under the bed when Little Bear is lost.

Our neighbor loaned us these books that belonged to her boys. Then she asked for them back. We were glad because we bought some of our own and learned about other books from the series.

The stories are about a group of toys. Most are stuffed animals, but there is a sailor doll, too. The toys find missing toys, meet new toy friends, and go on adventures.

Here is a link to more about the series on Wikipedia.

We ordered them from ThriftBooks.

I hope you enjoy them.