You’re probably standing outside a gelateria waiting to place your order.

So, we’ll keep this post short.

Don’t eat this gelato. My sister crocheted it. 

Tips for finding good gelato

In the middle of the day, a tall mound of gelato is a risky sign because it means it’s not popular enough. Or it might have been there a while. Keep looking.

Good gelato doesn’t need distracting toppings like candy for the display. (Sometimes actual fruit is a good signal though.)

Send a scout to try the lemon, if the lemon is delicious and after a few minutes doesn’t taste like furniture polish, the other flavors will likely be good. 

Don't necessarily go where all the tourists go.

Look for the word “artigianale”. It means it is made locally.

“Produzione propria” means homemade. It comes from their very own production. You can translate “Top notch!”

Be aware of fake-feeling colors. Example: Mint isn’t bright green.

A good banana flavor with real banana is a bit gray.

If the people are nice and happy to tell you about their gelato, that’s a good sign. 

Often a freezer with lids on the round bins of gelato is a positive indicator.

What if you are looking for vegan gelato?

Real, fruit flavored gelato is usually dairy free. Ask which flavors are water based. Some shops call it sorbetto. Dairy-free versions of traditionally cream flavors (like dark chocolate) are becoming increasingly popular. When we were in Croatia last year, A Roma had a fantastic dairy free Vegan Extra Dark Chocolate.