Hello! Today I am back with another sewing project for you, a travel sewing kit. When traveling, accidents can happen, which is why I always bring a sewing kit with me. I haven't had to use it many times, but knowing it is there if I need it is nice. An extra bonus is that this is a super quick project that makes great gifts for the travelers in your life. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a free paper thread spool template.

Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • An outer fabric, I chose to use a floral print
  • An inner fabric, I used a contrasting solid
  • Fabric for the pockets
  • A piece of felt
  • Batting
  • Interfacing and an iron
  • Lace or ribbon
  • And some type of string or leather cord or something for the ties

Cut your pieces:

Cut pieces for the sewing kit
  • 2, 8 ½ by 5 ½  inch pieces of fabric, one piece of batting, and one piece of interfacing*
  • A 2 ½ by 4 ½ inch piece of fabric*
  • A 2 ½ by 5 inch piece of fabric*
  • A 2 ¼  by 2 ¼ piece of felt
  • A 3 inch piece of ¾ - 1 inch piece of lace or ribbon
  • And one or two (depending on the closure you prefer) pieces of the string of your choice to tie your kit closed

*I used a floral fabric for the outside and pockets with a solid as the main inside fabric. You can do the same or the opposite or make the whole thing out of the same fabric. It’s totally up to you!

Now it’s time to start sewing!

Fabric and interfacing
First, interface your outer fabric if needed. (For me this was my floral fabric.)
Outer fabric quilted onto the batting
Then quilt on your batting. You can use whatever method you prefer to do this, I chose to just do lines ~½ an inch apart.
Blue denim fabric folded in thirds with creases
Take your main inner piece and fold it in thirds press so you have two nice creases.
A pair of scissors lying on the scissors pocket with the edges folded in
Then on all the other edges press in a ¼ inch. You can fold this over again or just leave it the way it is.
Scissors pocket sewn on to inner fabric
Place it on the left side of your main fabric and sew it in place.
Ruler lined up with the half way point on a pocket.
Hem one of the long edges of the thread pocket and sew across. Then on all the other edges press in a ¼ inch. Just like with the scissors pocket. Sew in place on the right panel of the main piece with the hemmed side facing in. You can also sew a line at the half way mark so that you have two pockets.
Fabric folded around a square of felt.
To make the needle square, place your felt square in the middle of your needle square fabric. Fold over all of the edges and sew around.
All the pockets in place on the sewing kit.
Then place it on the bottom half of the middle panel and sew in place on the stitching line that you just made.
Line up your lace or ribbon on the top part of the middle panel and sew down the middle.

Now you’re ready to sew the front and back pieces together!

Tie piece inside the main pieces FST.
Place your front and back pieces right sides together with your tie piece(s) sandwiched in between. You should just have a little tail sticking out and the longer part of your tie should be inside.

Whole project pinned together
Sew around the edges making sure to leave an opening.
 Note: I try not to leave the opening where the tie is, rather leave it on the opposite side.
Tool flipping the project right side out
Clip your corners and flip. You’re almost done!
Finished product
Topstitch around folding in the opening.
If you wish you can sew two lines along the creases that you made in the inner fabric earlier.

And that’s it! 

Click here to download a free paper thread spool template. Simply print and cut them out. (I like to use cardstock so that they last longer.) Then wrap a nice amount of your favorite colored threads around them and slip them in!

Happy Sewing!