Hello! Today I’m going to be showing you my DIY falafel wrap playset! I have made several felt food sets from Hawk Hill. However, as I did some research I didn’t find a pattern that matched my vision, so… I designed my own! And I’m happy to share it with you! Free pattern below.

How I Created My Felt Falafel Wrap

Here are the steps for each of the pieces. 

Felt Tortilla

Felt tortilla

For the tortilla I simply cut a large circle out of tan felt. You can use my pattern below or use an 8” dinner plate. Then I used a light brown Sharpie to make it look like a tortilla. Alcohol based markers are best so that the ink doesn't wash off if the "tortilla" gets wet. For more instructions, see Lindsayanne’s post about coloring felt to look like tortillas.  

Falafel (the most important part in my opinion!)

Felt falafels

I used a 14.5 oz. can to trace two brown circles, cut them out, and hand stitched them together on the very edge so that they would get larger in the middle when I stuffed them. Make sure to add a lot of stuffing so that your falafels are firm. 


Felt tomatos

This was a little more tricky because you can't just have red circles stitched together. You want them to look like tomatoes. So, I cut out two red circles and used a dark red tempera paint marker to make them look like "tomatoes." I also placed a small pice of fleece in the middle of the tomato before I stitched the sides together to make to tomato a little bit more 3-D.   


Felt parsley leaves

I wanted to make my greens a little bit stiff. So after cutting them out, I brushed a small amount of school glue onto them with a paint brush. Then I used a green fine-point Sharpie to draw on the veins.  


Felt onions

A falafel wrap isn't complete without the onions! For these, I simply cut out white curves and drew on the edges with a fine-point purple Sharpie.

Finishing Touches 

I also made a piece of gray felt into a “pocket” to simulate wax paper or foil so that the wrap won't come undone if you set it down for a minute. Simply cut out two rectangles of felt (about 3”x4”) and stitch both short sides and one long side together. 

Assembling The Wrap

Assembling the wrap animation


Holding the wrap

Pattern Time! 

Click here to download the free falafel wrap pattern!

Happy crafting!