Visiting New York City? Here are some recommended places to visit and books to go with them.

Statue of Liberty

I liked seeing the models and how it changed when working on the project.

Ellis Island

It’s only 8 Minutes from Liberty Island. Interesting to see the stuff that was left behind there.

Brooklyn Bridge

The main platform where you’re supposed to walk is elevated above the street.

Empire State Building

I enjoyed the view. And I enjoyed learning about how they put a plastic covering over the lights to make them colors like green or red. 

Grand Central Terminal

There’s a whispering gallery.

Central Park

Make sure to visit the Balto Statue if you like dogs.

Times Square

Very loud and noisy. And lots of electric billboards.

Theodore Roosevelt National Parks • BirthplaceSagamore Hill

The video about his childhood gave an example of what poor vision looks like. Interesting to see the picture of him watching the Lincoln funeral procession as a little boy.

General Grant National Memorial

The coffin was giant. 

Alexander Hamilton

They wanted to feel impressive and did clever things with the house to make it feel more important.

Federal Hall

You can go upstairs and see the Corinthian columns up close. I liked the basement. In the basement the columns were short and fat. 

September 11 Memorial

There was a big globe that was between the two towers and it’s still there, but damaged.

High Line & Little Island

I enjoyed the High Line because of the benches and how the flowers were growing up between the rails of the tracks. Little Island - It’s not even an island. It looks like there are mushrooms holding it up. And cute shrubs and bushes. The bathrooms looked like elevators.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

It was so cool. I liked the coat rack! And I liked the hall with pots and cups and teapots with intricate designs. 

Guggenheim Museum

I liked the spiral and the big paintings.

Flat Iron Building

It was covered in scaffolding when we were there.

  • We found no books. Do you know one?

Rockefeller Center

You can ice/roller skate there. And there are flags all around it.
It is not far from the Lego Store.