The juggling convention goes on for at least one week every year. This is my first time at a juggling convention.

How to pack for a juggling convention

To carry around your juggling things, you might want a duffle. You also need somebody to carry the duffle unless that's you. People will probably stop you. They like kids. Make sure there is a lot of room in your bag because you're probably going to buy something.

If you aren't juggling, you will want a sweater because they keep it cold with all the activity.

What you will see

There will be lots of interesting things to see like two-wheeled skateboards and people juggling hula hoops and rings. . .or even 11 rings! There was also a giraffe unicycle. Some people are funny, and some people are interesting.

Something that we really liked was the diabolos. A diabolo is a Chinese yo-yo. There are two sticks with a string attached to them. Then there's something shaped like an hourglass that you put between the two sticks. You spin it, and you can do lots of tricks.

It was fun to walk around the gym. There were lots of people juggling in the gym. This is where you could buy things.

And people will just stop you and start talking! Someone even stopped my sister and taught her to juggle! That’s hard. She’s 13.

You can also go talk to people you see teaching classes on YouTube. 

Juggling conventions are very fun even if you only know how to juggle one ball. They play volley-club (basically volleyball with clubs). They also play volleyball with rings. And I saw people playing ping-pong with clubs! Clubs are shaped like bowling pins, only lighter and longer.

On Fire Night, I had to go to bed, so here is what I heard about it. They juggled torches on fire, rings and balls. They did this outside by the river where we had our picnics.


There are nighttime shows, and there are daytime shows. 

The first show was at the library. Afterward, they showed kids how to balance feathers on their noses.

They did bounce juggling where they throw balls down instead of up. They passed dangerous things that were really very funny, and they juggled rings.

There were lots of competitions. There was a numbers competition to see who juggled the longest. That was awesome. There was Battle Night that started online. And there was the Flow Show.  At the end of the week, people vote, and there is a People's Choice Award. 

Jeremiah Johnston juggled boxes in his show and missed his train! It’s ok. It was a fake train.

The biggest show was called Roller Coaster. At the show you weren't allowed to take any pictures or videos so he can perform in other places–except at the end. The person who did the Roller Coaster show was named Wes. He did all of the loops and tricks like roller coasters with his hands.


Everything was not just shows. There were some workshops, too. Daddy taught a ball workshop. How to make three-ball tricks easier.

I saw a hoop workshop, and Mommy learned how to pick up clubs with her foot. She said she could pick up the pancake spatula that way.


I bought some balls that fit my hands. Peter bought a diabolo, but no sticks. I recommend buying diabolo sticks that tie at the top, not the ones that thread through into the bottom. Those are more of a hassle to change the string.

We bought new clubs that are foam, but they still hurt when you get hit on the head. They are easier to juggle because they are smaller. Nora bought hoops when we came home.

Now we do our own shows outside by our house.